Our Story

I was on my usual shopping trip in hopes to find something that would catch my eye, and I did find something, this is what happened…

This had happened one too many times to me, and knew that I was not alone in this scavenger hunt for clothing that met my fashion needs.

Expressing my concern to my father about the obvious gap in the retail market, it sparked the both of us; why don’t they fill in the gap?

And thus, Gallerina came into existence. I decided to take my fashion craze  one step further than religiously following fashion shows, and every designer on Instagram, I took it to the books. My journey at Fashion School enlightened her on how to design her clothing with a modest twist.

After months of hard work, the father-daughter duo present to you: Gallerina- From the Runway, to your Closet with a Modest Twist!

- Shazia Arif (Co-Founder and Designer)